Pew Shoot is Live on!

Hey, everybody! It's time for my next release, Pew Shoot! It's a little scrolling asteroid-breaking game with one button. Enjoy!

I created the very first version of Pew Shoot back in August 2014 in a 1.5 hour game competition with my friend. We had 30 minutes of time dedicated to assets, then 1 hour dedicated to programming. I scrounged together what you will find in Pew Shoot 1.5 hr.exe. It's not a bad game!

I showed it to the Nashville Game Developers group, and one member bounced some ideas off me about putting it on mobile as a one-button game. I remixed the game a bit and came out with a nice little app! I didn't publish it, though, because I was too busy.

Well, I've finally gotten around to publishing it! I hope you all enjoy Pew Shoot.


Pew Shoot Play in browser
Dec 17, 2018
Pew Shoot v1.1.exe 2 MB
Dec 17, 2018
Pew Shoot v1.1.apk 9 MB
Dec 17, 2018
Pew Shoot 1.5 hr.exe 1 MB
Dec 17, 2018

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