Update Released

Hey, everyone!

In response to some current issues PlayerOneArcade.com is having with the game, I’ve released a minor update :) basically just has some changes when shaders don’t compile. I made it more usable.  It also increases bullet sync between server and clients! Woot!

I also released a Borderless version of RetroBots Online! The borderless version doesn't have a window border! Yay! This makes pseudo-split screen more enjoyable.

Thanks for reading! KaneStaff 11/16/17-11/18/17


                Increased default scale size to 4

Bug Fixes/Improvements

                Fixed some desync issues with bullet positions

                Changed what happens when shaders don't compile

                                Removed "UPDATE DIRECTX!" that follows players

                                Fixed health and weapon bar not displaying problem

                                Added warning text to main menu

                Added ARCADE_MODE - true when borderless

                                URLs don't open

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